A global leader in property and infrastructure

Dick Dusseldorp”Firms must begin vindicating their value to society, with greater emphasis placed on environmental and societal impact as opposed to straight economics.”
Dick Dusseldorp, Creator of Lend Lease. 1973.

This strategy to company underpins everything we touch, and can be seen in almost everything we do. Over 50 years of expertise has taken us across the world from Australia to Asia, Europe and the Americas. We employ more than 12,400 individuals around the world and handle an extensive portfolio of assets. We’re proud to say that over a million individuals all over the world live, work, shop or are linked through an asset we’ve created, everyday.

Our customers, associates and investors can choose to leverage our strengths and local expertise at any period of the property and infrastructure spectrum – from development, investment management, project management & building, and asset & property management – or associate with us right through the whole journey. We also have a flexible and creative capital strategy, leading to exceptional investment performance. Using a really collaborative strategy, we direct customers and investors beyond simply optimizing value to advanced, sustainable results.

We’re dedicated to managing Incident & Injury Free wherever we have a presence. The truth is, we’re more than a property and infrastructure company. We’re in the company of creating favorable heritages. For everybody concerned – from the people that live in or use our locations and spaces daily, to our company and government associates, and even the individual members of our own team.
It’s how we create a future built on sustainable practices and long-term relationships.